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The Advocacy Fellows Program

Background Information: The HIV Prevention Research Advocacy Fellows Program pairs emerging leaders in advocacy and activism with existing organizations to develop and execute creative, context-specific projects focused on HIV prevention research.

Fellows projects focus primarily on advocacy around biomedical HIV prevention research (such as clinical trials of vaccines, microbicides, pre-exposure prophylaxis) or rollout of male circumcision for HIV prevention. Fellows projects may also focus on “test and treat” or ARV treatment as prevention strategies, which are under active discussion in many contexts. Fellows receive training, financial support, and technical assistance to plan and implement a targeted one-year project within host organizations focused on HIV/AIDS.

2016 Fellows:

Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organisations (MANASO)
"Malawi needs a well informed civil society, both organisations and individuals including discordant couples and young people, to lobby for and demand PrEP."
Heartland Alliance
"PrEP and microbicides, as part of the prevention package, could do a whole lot of good for the sex worker community, considering the risk associated with our work."
Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign (TALC)
"There is no time to wait. Zambia needs to empower women and young girls to have control of their lives through the use of PrEP."
Wellness Foundation
South Africa
"There is a need to educate young women on new biomedical prevention methods, the importance of research and how it’s done so that they will become champions of an HIV free generation."
"As an HIV educator and filmmaker, I can use the power of film to advocate for VMMC so as to effectively create demand and facilitate HIV education."
Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO)
"As a long-standing VMMC advocate, I believe that now is the time for Kenya to start taking concrete steps to ensure the current gains are not lost should donor funding end and implementing partners recede."

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