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HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

Advocates mark progress in the search for an AIDS vaccine on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD) observed each year on May 18. AVAC, its partners and others across the globe hold a variety of events and observances.

At AVAC, we have developed a 2016 HVAD “toolkit” (see below) of user-friendly materials to help vaccine advocates explain vaccine science in simple language.

Sustained support from funders, researchers, trial participants, civil society and many other stakeholders is needed to build on important vaccine research lessons learned to date. To show your support, sign the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise sign-on letter.

HVAD 2016 Advocacy Toolkit: Promising research must continue

  • HIV Vaccine Research: An update—A quick, colorful and comprehensive AIDS Vaccine Research Overview. Four pages, five top-line updates. A speedy read designed to give a sense of the moving parts, momentum and major issues coming up in the year to come.

click here to download our Vaccines By The Numbers document

As always, please be in touch with any questions, requests for printed materials or other feedback!