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HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

Advocates mark our progress in the search for an AIDS vaccine on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD), also known as World AIDS Vaccine Day, observed each year on May 18. AVAC, its partners and others across the globe held a variety of events and observances. At AVAC, we have developed a 2014 HVAD “toolkit” and hosted a webinar entitled Breakthroughs and Big Questions: AIDS vaccine research in 2014 (slides and audio below).

HVAD is a day to mark progress in the search for an AIDS vaccine and recommit ourselves to a pursuit—that while challenging and sometimes slow-moving—is critical in our fight to end the epidemic. Sustained support from funders, researchers, trial participants, civil society and many other stakeholders is needed to build on important vaccine research lessons learned to date. This year’s HVAD Toolkit includes a new set of infographics on the current state of the field, a set of fact sheets and other tools to help explain vaccine science in simple language.

HVAD 2014 Advocacy Toolkit: Promising research must continue
  • AIDS Vaccine Research: An overview—Interactive infographic highlighting the current state of the field. Each research area is expanded with key detail about the current focus and advancements in science and critical issues that advocates should be tracking.

We welcome any comments, questions and suggestions about these materials. AVAC also maintains tables, timelines and other information about ongoing and planned vaccine and other HIV prevention trials at

With AIDS Vaccines, It's Not "If" But "How"
Our Executive Director, Mitchell Warren, writes in the Huffington Post why the search for an HIV vaccine remains a critical part of the effort to end the epidemic.

Research and Reality Webinar
In commemoration of HVAD, and as part of our Research & Reality series, AVAC hosted a webinar—Breakthroughs and Big Questions: AIDS vaccine research in 2014. The webinar provided an update on follow-on trials that build on the positive findings from the RV144 Thai trial; looked at interesting early clinical and pre-clinical science; and discussed the increasing optimism about finding effective HIV-specific antibodies.

Animation: Flash
Audio: MP3
Slides: PDF

We look forward to commemorating another HVAD with all of you as we continue to work toward the ultimate goal of a vaccine to prevent HIV. AVAC would especially like to thank the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, and US Agency for International Development for supporting and partnering in our HVAD initiatives.

As always, please be in touch with any questions, requests for printed materials or other feedback!