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AVAC’s Research Literacy Database contains educational materials and tools from across the entire HIV prevention research field—everything from simple fact sheets to basic PowerPoint presentations to online learning courses. It includes global and country-specific materials, as well as resources on specific HIV interventions (e.g. PrEP or vaccines) and about clinical trials in general.

Note that the database contains strictly basic informational, or ‘literacy’, materials. It does not contain time-dependent information such as status of a given clinical trial or current key issues. If you would like current research and advocacy updates, please visit www.avac.org/prevention.


To create your Research Literacy Toolkit, select your criteria according to the six factors below.

Important note: It is not necessary to make selections for all six factors. The more factors you leave blank, the wider your results will be. The more factors you make selections for, the more tailored your results will be.

For a complete list of research literacy tools contained in this database, click here.

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