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19th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections  

Where: Seattle, WA

When: March 05, 2012

The 19th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) took recently place in Seattle. CROI is billed as an annual "meeting of the minds" between laboratory and clinical science. The 2012 meeting brought updates on PrEP, microbicides, vaccines, voluntary medical male circumcision, treatment as prevention and other elements of combination prevention. Many of the conference sessions are recorded—and session webcasts are available on the conference website.

Some highlights from the conference include:

Post CROI Webinars

HIV prevention research-related sessions at CROI (complete pocket program is available here)

Sessions of interest included:

  • Martin Delaney Lecture, Community Responses to PrEP and Treatment as Prevention, Nikos Dedes; Monday, 12:50-1:20pm
  • N’Galy-Mann Lecture, CAPRISA: Partnering for Scientific Innovation in HIV Prevention and Treatment, Salim Abdool Karim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim; Monday opening session, 5-7pm
  • Clinical Trials Design Workshop; Monday workshop, 2:30-4:30pm
  • 17th Bernard Fields Lecture, Defying the Structure and Variability of HIV with Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies, Dennis Burton; Monday opening session, 5-7pm
  • ART for Prevention: The Science and the Art, Wafaa El-Sadr; Tuesday plenary, 8:30-9am
  • Critical Treatment Issues in Women and Children; Tuesday oral abstract session, 10am-12:15pm (includes abstracts on hormonal contraceptives use and HIV risk)
  • HIV Prevention: PrEP, Microbicides, and Circumcision; Tuesday oral abstract session, 10am-12:15pm (includes data from FEM-PrEP, iPrEx and Partners PrEP trials; MTN 007, a Phase I rectal microbicide study of reformulated TFV gel; and voluntary medical male circumcision)
  • Next Steps in Using ARV for Prevention; Tuesday symposium, 4-6pm
  • Elimination of MTCT of HIV, Dorothy Mbori-Ngacha; Wednesday plenary, 8:30-9am
  • Structure and Function of the HIV-1 Env, Joseph Sodroski; Wednesday plenary, 9-9:30am
  • Advances in Vaccines and Immune-based Therapies; Wednesday oral abstract session, 10am-12:15pm
  • Novel Approaches to Testing and Linkage to Care; Wednesday themed discussion,1-2pm
  • Correlates of Risk in RV144 and Related Trials; Wednesday themed discussion, 1-2pm
  • Animal and Human Studies of PrEP and Vaginal Rings; Wednesday themed discussion, 1-2pm
  • New Frontiers in HIV Testing; Wednesday symposium, 4-6pm
  • Pathways toward a Cure: Viral Latency and Reservoirs; Wednesday symposium, 4-6pm
  • AIDS and the Global Burden of Disease, Christopher Murray; Thursday plenary,9-9:30am
  • Ontogeny of a Protective Immune Response to HIV; Thursday symposium, 4-6pm
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