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Priorities for the Year

AVAC's Playbook sets out top strategic goals and priorities in HIV prevention for ourselves—and for the world. Here's what we have to say about treatment as prevention. For more, visit www.avac.org/playbook.

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What's New

New Report: Antiretroviral Treatment for Prevention of HIV and Tuberculosis
A collaborative report of UNAIDS and AVAC, read it here

World Health Organization Issues New Recommendations Calling for Earlier Treatment

HPTN 052 Trial Confirms ARV Treatment is a Powerful Prevention Tool
The sponsors of a randomized clinical trial known as HPTN 052, which is evaluating combination antiretroviral therapy for HIV prevention, announced that randomization would halt due to overwhelming evidence of benefit.

A new article in the Lancet (click here, free with registration) describes a strategic investment framework that is intended to support better management of national and international HIV/AIDS responses than exists with the present system—with combination ART as one of the “core activities” for achieving prevention and treatment goals.

Background on Treatment as Prevention

There are several trials evaluating the use of ARV-based prevention in people with HIV. The goal of these “treatment as prevention” strategies is to reduce viral load and thereby reduce individuals’ infectiousness.

Such a strategy could have an impact on rates of new infections in some settings. However, there are many challenges, including current gaps in coverage of ARVs for people who are clinically eligible for them, low rates of HIV testing, additional scientific questions about the exact relationship between HIV viral load in the blood and risk of transmission, and the lack of consensus around the best time for individuals to begin treatment.

These uncertainties require additional research as well as policy and community discussions. This discussion and any future programmatic decisions require additional data and will inevitably need to balance individual benefits of treatment with possible wider-spread public health benefits of prevention.

Introductory Information

Ongoing Trials and Recent Results

In-depth Treatment as Prevention Resources

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