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This area of the website provides information on the range of biomedical HIV prevention strategies being tested or recently approved—these include AIDS vaccines, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), microbicides, voluntary medical male circumcision, treatment as prevention, and HSV-2 suppression.

In each section, you will find:
  • Basic information about the intervention
    • What is it?
    • Why is it being tested as a possible HIV prevention option?
    • How is it tested?
    • Where is the research taking place?
    • Who is involved in the research?
    • When will results be available?
  • A table of ongoing and/or completed clinical trials
  • Information on recent trial results
  • Intervention-specific resources

Each of these experimental interventions presents the possibility of a new option for individuals to help reduce their risk of HIV. None of these interventions on its own can end the epidemic. However, there is an urgent need to expand access to proven prevention methods including clean needles, female and male condoms, risk reduction counseling, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and other strategies. The new strategies being tested today could be powerful additions to this toolbox of proven prevention strategies.

There are numerous issues, like research ethics, that cut across these intervention areas. For more on these issues, please visit the By Issue section.

In addition, we offer introductory materials that advocates can use to increase their own knowledge around HIV prevention research or to teach others in their communities about ongoing research.

Visit the Research Literacy Database: A central portal for education resources on biomedical HIV prevention research and advocacy

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