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Good Participatory Practice

The Good Participatory Practice Guidelines for Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials (GPP) are designed to provide systematic guidance on the roles and responsibilities of trial sponsors and trial implementers towards participants and their communities. Trial sponsors and implementers include investigators, research staff, pharmaceutical industry sponsors, foundations, government-supported research networks, non-governmental research sponsors, and all others involved in designing, financing, and executing biomedical HIV prevention trials. The guidelines identify core principles, essential issues, and minimum elements of how stakeholders should plan, conduct, and evaluate community engagement in biomedical HIV prevention trials.

The GPP guidelines were developed in response to many stakeholders' observation that it could be helpful to have a tool that allowed researchers, communities, advocates, and other stakeholders to plan and evaluate community engagement in biomedical HIV prevention trials. The aim was to create a guidance document that would help establish ways to develop and objectively measure how trial sponsors and implementers are communicating and partnering with communities in the process of conducting biomedical HIV prevention trials. The GPP guidelines are primarily written for an audience of trial sponsors, researchers, and trial site staff.

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