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The Good Participatory Practice (GPP) Guidelines and Tools for Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials

GPP Guidelines, 2nd Edition (2011)

The Good Participatory Practice (GPP) Guidelines are intended to provide trial funders, sponsors, and implementers with systematic guidance on how to effectively engage with all stakeholders in the design and conduct of biomedical HIV prevention trials. Click here for GPP translations.

Good Participatory Practice Tools

AVAC has developed a large set of companion tools to help research teams and other stakeholders understand, implement, and monitor the GPP guidelines. Current tools are described and available below, and constitute the beginning of a central portal of tools that can be publicly accessed, used, and adapted as necessary according to GPP activities around the globe.

February 2014 - New tools available, click here!

Guidelines and documents related to GPP

Engaging communities in tuberculosis research, The Lancet Infectious Diseases (Open Access), 24 March 2013

Good Participatory Practice Guidelines for TB Drug Trials 2012

AVAC collaborated with Stakeholder and Community Engagement Workgroup of the "Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens" (CPTR) initiative to adapt the GPP guidelines for TB drug trials. This work grew out of requests from CPTR, the Gates Foundation's TB team and the TB Alliance.

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Stakeholder Input and Recommendations for Good Participatory Practices (GPP) in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials in Thailand

AVAC is happy to present a report, released in March 2012 by the Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group (TTAG), that documents the views of a broad range of stakeholders on issues related to biomedical HIV prevention research. Dozens of stakeholders in Thailand were interviewed, including research team staff, non-governmental and community-based organization staff, and community members, among them biomedical HIV prevention trial participants. Methods, findings and key recommendations are summarized in the report.

PDF (English): Download
PDF (Thai): Download

Ethical Considerations in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials
(WHO/UNAIDS - 2007)

Ethics Issues for Canadian HIV/AIDS Researchers in International Settings (Canadian Association for HIV/AIDS Research - 2008)

Recommendations for Community Involvement in National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Research (the HIV/AIDS Network Coordination project - 2009)
(English full doc) (Spanish executive summary)

HIV Prevention Trials Network: Ethics Guidance for Research, 10 June 2009

HPTN Ethics Guidance webpage

GPP Guidelines, 2nd Edition (2011) Translations

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