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Making Medical Male Circumcision Work for Women: A new report from the Women’s HIV Prevention Tracking Project

How can male circumcision for HIV prevention benefit or backfire as a strategy affecting women?

The new report from AVAC and ATHENA Network’s Women’s HIV Prevention Tracking Project is an unprecedented collection of voices from Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Uganda, documents women’s perspectives on male circumcision for HIV prevention.

The report is based on the input of approximately 500 women in HIV-affected communities who were reached by WHiPT country teams with questionnaires and focus groups designed to elicit knowledge, opinions and recommendations. The teams worked in urban and rural settings and sought out communities with and without traditional circumcision practices. There was a specific focus on perceptions in settings where female genital mutilation is also practiced.

The report provides reason for the cautious rollout of medical male circumcision (MMC) while offering recommendations on how to program its scale-up to ensure MMC is safe and beneficial to whole communities—including men and women.

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WHiPT report contributors include:

Tyler Crone
ATHENA Network

Johanna Kehler
AIDS Legal Network

Allen Kuteesa
Health Rights Action Group

Marion Natukunda
Mama’s Club

Jennifer Gatsi
Namibia Women’s Health Network

Cebile Dlamini
Swaziland for Positive Living

Carole Odada
Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya

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