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Educational Materials

This section provides easy-to-download, introductory materials that advocates can use to increase their own knowledge around HIV prevention research or to teach others in their communities about ongoing research.

Types of Materials
These include fact sheets on experimental HIV prevention options (e.g., AIDS vaccines, PrEP, microbicides), PowerPoint slides and presentations, on specific interventions or topics related to HIV prevention research, an audio visual Vaccines 101 presentation and more.

Click the links for more on each prevention option:

Additional Materials
AVAC Fact Sheet: Data Safety Monitoring Boards - AVAC
Clinical trials are closely monitored and regulated by a variety of entities, including independent bodies that review the trial protocol and data on an ongoing basis to ensure that the trial is ethical and should continue. This fact sheet is designed for advocates who would like to learn more about how these entities.

Advocates' Guide to Statistical Terms - AVAC
An educational one-pager to help advocates understand research methodology.

Issue Overview: Hormonal contraceptives and HIV-1 risk - AVAC
A short primer providing background, help understanding the issue and what happens now.

The Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials -
Microbicides Media Communications Initiative
The Handbook is a practical guide developed for site-level researchers, communicators, advocates and others working on HIV prevention trials in developing countries.

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