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Introducing new technologies is a complex and challenging process. Planning for introduction must start long before a new strategy is licensed and lessons learned in other fields should be closely followed. The HPV vaccine is one example of a technology that could pave the way for new HIV prevention interventions. Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines are one component of cervical cancer prevention. Given that adolescent girls are a key target population for both HPV vaccine and a potential AIDS vaccine, it is critical to track and learn from HPV vaccine introduction efforts.

HPV prevention, screening and treatment are of particular concern to women living with HIV because incidence of HPV-induced cervical lesions among them is four to five times higher compared to their HIV-negative counterparts. These lesions can lead to invasive cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Report Card

Cervical Cancer Prevention Report Card
CoverProgress in Cervical Cancer Prevention: The Report Card assesses global readiness in low- and middle-income countries to fight cervical cancer using new innovations including human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines and screening technologies. The Report Card, which focuses on regions with a high burden of disease, highlights gaps in provision of comprehensive screening and treatment programs including visual cervical inspection with acetic acid, early treatment and HPV vaccines—which were licensed by the FDA in 2006—in communities where they are needed most. It identifies hurdles including lack of national cancer control plans and cancer registries, and inadequate resources and leadership. The Report was compiled by the Cervical Cancer Action, of which AVAC is a member.

Cervical Cancer Issue Briefs

For issue briefs providing succinct analyses of the latest evidence and experience in cervical cancer prevention for developing countries, click here.

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