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Republication of this report in part or in its entirety is welcome, with the following credit line: "Content was reprinted from AVAC Report 2012: Achieving the End - One Year and Counting published by AVAC (www.avac.org)."

Please send notice of republication to avac@avac.org or call +1 646-369-1465.

Page 2 — Reaching the Tipping Point: The time to act is now (JPEG, PPT)
Page 3 — AVAC on the Clock: Then and now (JPEG, PPT)
Page 5 — A Three-Part Agenda for Ending AIDS: 2012 and beyond (JPEG, PPT)
Page 6 — AVAC Playbook 2012-2013: Progress toward global goals (JPEG, PPT)
Page 10 — Defining Combination Prevention: Ongoing trials in sub-Saharan Africa (JPEG, PPT)
Page 11 — Ending AIDS: A complex lexicon (JPEG, PPT)
Page 13 — Key Strategies for Closing Gaps in the HIV Treatment Cascade (JPEG, PPT)
Page 14 — Estimated Engagement in HIV Care Cascade in the US (JPEG, PPT)
Page 15 — Stepping Up the Pace: VMMC accelerates in priority countries (JPEG, PPT)
Page 16 — Make VMMC essential to the "Ending AIDS" movement (JPEG, PPT)
Page 17 — Cumulative number of male circumcisions performed from 2008 to 2011 (JPEG, PPT)
Page 17 — Non-surgical Devices for VMMC (JPEG, PPT)
Page 20 — Plans and Missing Pieces in PrEP Demonstration Projects: Africa (JPEG, PPT)
Page 22 — Plans and Missing Pieces in PrEP Demonstration Projects: USA (JPEG, PPT)
Page 23 — The Geography of Microbicide Research in sub-Saharan Africa (JPEG, PPT)
Page 23 — Fight for the Women's Prevention Revolution (JPEG, PPT)
Page 24 — HIV Prevention Options Timeline, December 2012 (JPEG, PPT)
Page 25 — People Not Receiving Antiretroviral and Treatment and Services in One Year through Bilateral FY 2013 Sequestration (JPEG, PPT)
Page 26 — Do What It Takes to Ensure that AIDS Vaccine Trials Can Be Conducted—in the Real World (JPEG, PPT)
Page 27 — Follow-on trials based on RV144: Strategy includes development and research tracks (JPEG, PPT)
Page 28 — Neutralizing Antibodies: Research pathways in 2013 and beyond (JPEG, PPT)
Page 31 — Leadership Gap: Hormonal contraceptives, family planning and HIV (JPEG, PPT)
Page 32 — Achieving the End (JPEG, PPT)
Page 35 — Global Prevention Research Advocacy Partnerships (JPEG, PPT)

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