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Global Partners in Prevention Research Advocacy

AVAC was founded 15 years ago as the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition. Over that time, our mission has broadened to work on the full range of biomedical prevention strategies under investigation—including vaccines, PrEP, microbicides, male circumcision and more. We now go by AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention. One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to working in partnerships with other groups. To get a sense of this work, see a map of these partnerships below.

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AVAC has developed a range of programs, each of which is designed to address a specific issue or gap in the biomedical prevention research field. Every one of AVAC's programs is based on collaborative partnerships with other civil society groups working on HIV/AIDS, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, and other issues in countries and communities where research is taking place. These programs include:

Good Participatory Practice Initiative
In November 2007, UNAIDS and AVAC published "Good Participatory Practice (GPP) guidelines for biomedical HIV prevention trials," which outlines a systematic way for trial sites to work collaboratively with local communities where trials are being implemented. AVAC is undertaking a number of activities to raise awareness about the GPP guidelines, assist trial sites and communities to begin using them, and encourage the adoption of effective ways for trials sites conducting biomedical HIV prevention research to collaborate with local communities in positive ways worldwide.

HIV Prevention Research Advocacy Fellowships
The HIV Prevention Research Advocacy Fellowship program provides support to emerging and mid-career advocates to implement projects related to biomedical HIV prevention research activities in their countries and communities.

IRMA Partnership
AVAC has partnered with International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA) since 2008 to advocate for rectal microbicide research. Currently, the collaboration is focused on supporting the African Rectal Microbicide advocacy coalition, known as Project ARM. Launched in 2011, this initiative is focused on putting rectal microbicide research, advocacy on the map in Africa. Specifically, Project ARM aims to develop community capacity across African AIDS advocates to ensure the development of an African rectal microbicide research and implementation agenda, safer anal sex education, and access to condoms and lube.

PxROAR (Research, Outreach, Advocacy and Representation)
The PxROAR program has two goals: to educate its members in HIV prevention research science, implementation and advocacy; and to provide a platform for specific prevention research advocacy campaigns. There are two cadres of PxROAR advocates: one based in the US and one based in Europe. Both groups represent the range of HIV-affected communities.

Women's HIV Prevention Tracking Project (WHiPT)
WHiPT was launched in 2008 to support women’s community-based efforts to monitor, evaluate and develop or expand advocacy around new and emerging HIV prevention strategies. The pilot phase, a collaboration with the ATHENA Network, focused on monitoring women’s views of and concerns about implementation of voluntary medical male circumcision in five African countries. New WHiPT initiatives focus on tracking issues around: hormonal contraceptives and HIV risk; oral PrEP using TDF/FTC for women; and efficacy trials of woman-controlled HIV prevention methods.

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