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A major part of AVAC's work is to translate complex scientific ideas to communities through the development and wide dissemination of high-quality, user-friendly materials. If you would like printed copies of our materials, please fill out the form below. Additional resources are available on the AVAC Publications page, where you can download the electronic versions of these documents and view the full publication archive. 

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AVAC Report
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  2013 AVAC Report: Research & Reality
  2012 AVAC Report: Achieving the End - One Year and Counting
Px Wire: A Quarterly Update on HIV Prevention Research
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  Vol.7, No.1, January-March 2014
Annual report from the HIV Vaccines and Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group
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  Investing to End the AIDS Epidemic: A New Era for HIV Prevention Research and Development
Anticipating and Understanding Results Series
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  A Cascade of Hope and Questions - Volume 2: Understanding the results of CAPRISA 004 (August 2010)
  Anticipating the Results of PrEP Trials: A powerful new HIV prevention tool may be on the horizon. Are we prepared? (August 2008) - English
  A New Way to Protect Against HIV? Understanding the results of male circumcision studies for HIV prevention (September 2007)
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