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More CAPRISA 004 trial media coverage highlights: 23-29 July 2010

July 23, 2010


Editor's Note: FHI provided this special compilation of media coverage, articles, and public statements during the period 23-29 July that were specifically related to release at the 2010 AIDS Conference of the results from the CAPRISA 004 trial of the 1% vaginal gel formulation of tenofovir.

23 July

Scientists say a gel can slow HIV spread

Road to 2012: two years to build on the momentum
The Body 

25 July

Finding the missing link in HIV battle
Independent Online

Breakthrough gel helps women fight HIV
Times Live

26 July

New gel offers hope to block HIV/AIDS

Gel for women shows promise in preventing AIDS
Philadelphia Inquirer

A microbicide success: feminism essential to good science
Open Democracy

New study on vagina gel to reduce HIV/AIDS risk holds promise for Chicago minority women

HIV cure still a long way
New Era

A new way to stop HIV
Sunday Tribune

Microbicide study: Important for science and development partnerships (postcard from Vienna)
Huffington Post

27 July

Advances on AIDS raises question as well as joys
New York Times

Microbicide can prevent women from AIDS
Top News

ANC impressed with anti-AIDS gel
Saturday Dispatch

28 July

More about the anti-AIDS gel for women
Swazi Observer

Research on HIV prevention gel puts black lives at risk

SA Pair's long trek to anti-HIV gel
Times Live

Glimmer of hope on HIV
Huffington Post

Microbicide research makes history at AIDS '10
Windy City Times

29 July

HIV gel called poor substitute for women's rights

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