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Key Results

Partners PrEP and TDF2: new data shows oral TDF and TDF/FTC effective in men and women

iPrEx: daily TDF/FTC in gay men and transgender women reduces risk by 44% overall

CAPRISA 004: topical 1% tenofovir gel applied vaginally within 12 hours before and after sex reduces women's risk by 38%

FEM-PrEP: trial closes due to futility—data review committee says it will not be able to answer the question

VOICE: the data review committee recommended that the 1% tenofovir gel arm of the study be stopped because it was safe but not effective


This section provides information on ongoing PrEP trials and trial results to date. 

PrEP is an experimental approach that would use antiretroviral medications (ARVs) to reduce the risk of HIV infection in HIV-negative people.
  • Trial Results: This section includes information on the results of the trials, both as AVAC covered the releases in real-time and journal articles that include additional data analyses.
  • Planned Trials: Information on future PrEP trials is available here.
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