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Advocate for Policies and Actions

AVAC urges swift and strategic global action to advance HIV prevention.

When it comes to HIV prevention, AVAC is pushing to pick up the pace. We advocate with national governments, international agencies, donors and research organizations to increase investment in HIV prevention research and focus efforts on the most promising, cost-effective strategies—including proven tools for today, encouraging new options and long-term solutions needed to end the epidemic.

One primary focus of our work is securing HIV prevention funding and strategic planning by national, multilateral and international organizations. We collaborate with partners to challenge and change laws and policies harmful to HIV prevention research. AVAC policy work also supports broader access to care and treatment that furthers our common global goal of improving the lives of HIV positive people.

Through these efforts, we seek to ensure that research is ethical, scientifically rigorous and sufficiently supported with financial resources and political will, and that new and existing HIV prevention options reach populations at need. Specifically, we work on:

Safeguarding HIV Prevention Research Funding
AVAC’s policy work is directed at educating funders and policymakers about the importance of funding for HIV prevention research. A key focus is on the US government, which is the primary funder for HIV prevention research. AVAC, through coalitions with other local organizations and advocates, supports funding for HIV prevention research in Europe, as well as research support and in-kind contributions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. AVAC serves as the secretariat of the HIV Vaccines and Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group. In this role, AVAC serves as the principal researcher and author of an annual report on global investments in HIV prevention research.

Narrowing Gaps in the Treatment Cascade
There are significant gaps in the continuum of care from HIV testing to care and treatment. These gaps in the treatment cascade impact both the delivery of care to for HIV positive people and the potential prevention effects of treatment. AVAC works to support implementation research to understand these gaps, and policies to close them. A key gap in the treatment cascade that AVAC is focused on are new approaches to HIV testing and new HIV diagnostic tools.

Demonstration Projects for New Prevention Options
As new prevention options have recently been scientifically validated, such as PrEP and treatment as prevention, AVAC is working to support implementation research and demonstration projects to establish best practices and real world applications for these new options. At the same time, AVAC is working to educate policymakers about these tools and to champion supportive policies for PrEP, treatment as prevention, new HIV diagnostics and non-surgical circumcision devices.

Expanding the Role of Community in HIV Prevention Trials
AVAC is committed to working with policymakers to identify and overcome regulatory and other obstacles to ethical, community supported clinical trials of HIV prevention options. Learn more about our Good Participatory Practice Initiative.