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Research Literacy Networking Zone

In 2016, the fields of HIV prevention, treatment and cure research are at an exciting juncture but the specifics of research and new HIV interventions can be difficult to understand, and more so, to articulate for advocacy purposes.

The Research Literacy Networking Zone is a space where delegates and local community members can come together to network and discuss current and future HIV research, as well as rollout of new interventions. It will provide a platform for dialogue among advocates and a space for engagement with researchers and conference presenters.

Some exciting features of the RLNZ include:

  • Help Desk—Heard something at a session that you want to know more about or get resources on, stop by the Help Desk!
  • Recharging Area—Need to sit for a minute to rest and maybe get a little more charge into your phone or laptop? Visit our Recharging Area!
  • Resource Library—Spend a few minutes browsing the Zone’s extensive resource library, pick up materials to take home with you—and while you’re in the Zone don’t forget to look up and check out the learning panels that will be on display throughout the conference.
  • Sessions! Read on for a robust schedule of events at the Zone. The daily schedule features a range of sessions organized by contributors from around the globe—check it out below!

Click to download the full RLNZ schedule of events.