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AVAC Celebrates 25 Years

AVAC is marking our 25th anniversary as COVID-19 engulfs the world. In its midst, AVAC has been drawing lessons from our 25-year history as champions of HIV prevention research. Since our first year, AVAC has centered our work on dynamic partnerships, comprehensive research literacy and community engagement. The timeline below showcases highlights from this history, which, in this unprecedented year, is paying dividends in ways we never imagined with implications for global health for generations to come.

In 2020, we saw major advances in HIV prevention science, as both the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring and long-acting cabotegravir move toward regulatory approval. These developments must continue to be matched by the informed and determined advocacy that has helped the field reach this point. At the same time, this seasoned advocacy has turned to face COVID-19 with a new understanding: equitable systems, policies and partnerships are urgent, possible, and a foundation for global pandemic preparedness.

On this, our 25th year, we couldn’t be more certain: the advocacy we’ve advanced with our partners has been crucial, and AVAC stands ready to address the critical work ahead.