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AVAC Report 2013 Graphics

Republication of this report in part or in its entirety is welcome, with the following credit line: "Content was reprinted from AVAC Report 2013: Research & Reality published by AVAC ("

Page 3The HIV Prevention Research-to-Rollout Continuum, December 2013
Page 4A Three-Part Agenda for Ending AIDS
Page 7Our Top-Line Recommendations for Women's Prevention Research
Page 8AVAC Playbook 2013–2014: Global goals and priorities
Page 10Effectiveness and Adherence in Trials of Oral and Topical Tenofovir-Based Prevention
Page 11Clinical Trial Evidence for Oral and Topical Tenofovir-Based Prevention, December 2013
Page 13ARV-Based Prevention Pipeline, December 2013
Page 15Dimensions of Adherence
Page 16Trials of Tenofovir-Based Prevention Methods: At-a-glance
Page 18Vaginal Rings: Products in development for HIV prevention and multipurpose technologies
Page 20Biomedical HIV Prevention Efficacy Trials, 2014–2016
Page 22RV144 Follow-on Trials: Lagging timelines
Page 23AIDS Vaccine Research: An overview, December 2013
Page 24Up Close: The meta-analysis of Ad5 candidates
Page 29Use of Injectable Contraceptives and HIV Acquisition: The data to-date
Page 31Planned PrEP Demonstration Projects in Resource-Poor Settings, November 2013
Page 32Progress in VMMC Scale-up in Priority Countries, Through 2012
Page 32Counting Cuts: Getting better at monitoring VMMC
Page 33Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) Device Evaluations
Page 35Viral Load Testing Delivers Systemic Benefits from the Individual to the Institution
Page 37The Global HIV Treatment Gap: Existing people on ART versus people eligible under past and current WHO guidelines
Page 382013 WHO ARV guidelines can decrease new infections and deaths
Page 39From Research to Rollout: Evaluations that move a product to the "real world"
Page 41The Tipping Point: Understanding a crucial milestone in the AIDS response
Page 43Global Prevention Research Advocacy Partnerships