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November 6 Webinar- The State of the HIV Prevention Union: The Road from R4P


Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Last week, nearly 1400 researchers, advocates, policy makers and journalists gathered in Cape Town for HIV Research for Prevention (R4P)—the first meeting to gather all the fields of biomedical prevention research under one roof. From broadly-neutralizing antibodies to building trust between trial participants and research teams—R4P had it all. We hope you’ll join us this Thursday to talk about “what’s next” with key issues and questions that came up at the conference (click here to register). We highlighted many of these issues in our daily summaries from Cape Town.
The State of the HIV Prevention Union: The Road from R4P webinar will take place this Thursday, November 6th at 10 AM ET.
Join us if you want to know: 
•    Why broadly-neutralizing antibodies get some scientists so excited—and what advocates should look out for? 
•    Why is an AIDS vaccine efficacy trial in South Africa and the region one step closer to reality?
•    Why are young African women amplifying demand for daily oral PrEP and other options—and how does this relate to new data showing that oral PrEP dosing for protection may differ by gender? 
•    What more does the field know now about how women relate to research—and how is it changing going forward? 
•    What is a rights-based approach to biomedical HIV prevention, anyway? 
The call will feature AVAC team members, partners and scientists for an open discussion of the issues above and many more. You can find daily summaries of the conference, with references to many of the issues highlighted above at Participants, including AVAC team members and partners got the conversation going on the HIV4RP live blog—check out their entries here. These summaries make reference to webcasts of sessions—all of which are now available. 
We hope you’ll join us for this important call—and feel free to email questions and issues in advance.