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Applying Global Health Advocacy to the COVID-19 Response

AVAC is using decades of experience with the HIV/AIDS epidemic to synthesize complex information, ensure meaningful community engagement, and implement smart, actionable biomedical prevention advocacy within the global COVID response.


Essential resources on COVID, HIV and global health

Cheat Sheet: COVID-19 Vaccine Pipeline

Essential Resources

This two-pager offers advocates an at-a-glance view of the funders, platforms, research phase and considerations for some of the front-runner candidates.

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The Advocate’s Guide provides plain-language explanations of the necessary components for equitable COVID-19 vaccine access to help inform and support advocates.

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Effective responses to COVID-19 and HIV will require a comprehensive, integrated, and sustained commitment. As COVID-19 rightly consumes much of the world’s attention and global health resources in the year ahead, maintaining a clear focus on HIV, other serious health issues, and the responsiveness and effectiveness of health systems overall remains critical.

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