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CUREiculum Webinar Series

Operationalizing Ethics - A focus on informed consent

Thursday, July 14
Professor Gail Henderson, PhD describes what regulatory processes are in place to keep participants in HIV cure research safe. In this webinar, she described the relationship between informed consent and ethical research, identified challenges of discussions around risks and benefits and provided points of considerations for the informed consent process.

Pediatric HIV Cure Research

Wednesday, July 13
The case of the “Mississippi child” has intrigued scientists since the case was first announced as "cured" in 2013. After the Mississippi child rebounded after two years of remission little has been mentioned about pediatric HIV cure research in the media. This webinar will answer the essential questions about the state of the research and discuss the opportunities and challenges in pursuing curative strategies in pediatric populations.

The Ethics of HIV Cure Research

Wednesday, June 29
The HIV cure research field presents new challenges to study conduct, design, risk and a host of other issues — scientific, biological, social, ethical and regulatory — that many stakeholders are grappling with. This module will begin to unpack some of the ethical issues associated with HIV cure research.

The Basics What You Need To Know, And Want to Know About HIV Cure Research

Monday, June 6
This webinar covered the basics of cure research. The webinar was led by Nicolas Chomont, a leading researcher at the University of Montreal.

Stakeholder Engagement

Thursday, June 16
Based on the AVAC/UNAIDS Good Participatory Practice Guidelines (GPP), this module applies the principles found in the guidelines to early phase HIV cure research. The content is designed to help research teams, community members and other stakeholders understand and implement GPP in early phase research.

Early ART

Thursday, June 23
Early ART does not cure HIV. However researchers globally are looking to understand why some HIV-positive individuals can achieve a temporary remission while others rebound quickly after stopping treatment. This module gave an overview of the current research landscape and place early ART research in the larger framework of the HIV cure research agenda. The webinar was led by Dr. Jintanat Ananworanich, MD, PhD.