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Before the Pen Hits the Pad: PrEP Education for Health Care Providers

August 23, 2016

The US CDC estimates that nearly 500,000 women in the US could benefit from using PrEP. But women’s uptake of PrEP is small compared to men’s because most women who might want it have never even heard of it. One of the most effective ways to raise most women’s awareness of PrEP is to get their health care providers (usually family planning clinics) talking to them about PrEP.

In this webinar we explored the education that needs to be done among those health care providers to make this happen and what is being done to be prioritize it, especially by federal agencies, state and local health departments.

Susan Moskosky
Office of Population Affairs, DHHS
David Whittier
Omoro Omoighe
Shannon Weber
Jessica Terlikowski
AIDS Foundation Chicago