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Falobi Awardees

This page has 2016 Falobi Awardees whose last name begins with A-H. Click for L-N and O-Z.

Alban Anonyuo
He always talks about HIV and he is the first person that told me about HIV.

Smitty Buckler
No matter whether they are currently employed in the field or not, Smitty uses every moment they are presented with as an opportunity to intervene and uplift everyone.

Elizabeth Bukusi
She's an incredibly smart scientist and yet has another hat of a genuine community advocate. She's an inspiration to scientists and advocates alike, and she's so motherly! She also mentors many young researchers on HIV prevention research.

Ward Cates
He was global giant in reproductive health, he was a mentor of sorts to me and many other young advocates. Every conversation with him was a learning one, inspiring new ideas or seeing new linkages.

Manju Chatani-Gada
Her dedication to finding new HIV prevention options, especially for women, is beyond infectious, and the number of young people she has inspired to do the same over the years, countless!

Clever Chilende
He has been outspoken advocate for biomedical HIV prevention in Zambia and was the first person I learnt from on women HIV prevention options and research and how he believes one day women will own this dream.

Pierre Crouch
He is a pioneer in the HIV prevention field who constantly pushes the boundaries of what can nurses can accomplish in a clinic setting, and who helps others implement similar models throughout the US.

Sinead Delany-Moretlwe
Sinead is not only one of the smartest people and exceptional researchers that I've had the privilege to work with, she leads in the most powerful way — by listening — and especially listening to those whose voices are often ignored.

Dazon Dixon Diallo
She has contributed immensely to advocating for HIV prevention research and rights for women of color in the US. Through her organisation SisterLove, she has also reached out to young women in Africa, engaging research organizations and the US government over the availing of new HIV prevention tools for young women.

Abigail Dzimadi
For her tireless advocacy for prevention programming in PEPFAR and the global fund, and for mentoring of young advocates.

Amaka Enemo
She encouraged me to know that HIV can be managed. She speaks so much about HIV prevention and also a prep champion in Nigeria.

Kevin Fisher
Working with Kevin has made me a better person and advocate. He teaches with patience and he genuinely cares and wants those he works with to succeed in helping to move the HIV prevention field forward.

Kayode Gomez
Kayode inspires me on how motivated he is to speak up and sensitize people on HIV. His ability to volunteer and help others not give up but restore hope for a better future is inspirational.

Polly Harrison
Polly's dedication and work in the field of microbicides is such an inspiration and testament about how much she cares for HIV prevention.

Micheal Ighodaro
He has been instrumental in pushing for PrEP as a prevention tool. He's a fearless hardworking and committed activist. He has been through so much and yet continues to advocate for the rights of LGBTIQ community.

Irwin Iradukunda
He has consistently engaged in lobbying hospitals and health based organisations in Burundi to provide inclusive non stigmatising testing and treatment services to LGBTI and sex workers in Burundi.

Theophilus Itodo
He has been the one encouraging me to be focused and be firm in the HIV prevention inspite of the glaring challenges I faced.

Jeremiah Johnson
Not only does he understand HIV and prevention, and communicate that very well, he also totally gets the intersectionality of our work. He is extraordinarily sensitive to the myriad issues and structures that either promote or inhibit access to prevention and care - and his work reflects that.

Angelo Kaggwa
Angelo's committment to forming relationships with other advocates professionally and personally is such a inspiration.

Grace Kamau
Her passion to work with sex workers and bar hostesses on issues of HIV prevention and human rights and her ability to coordinate more than forty thousand sex workers across Kenya is commendable.

Brian Kanyemba
Brian's advocacy has been directed towards obtaining better access to HIV education and prevention tools for the communities that need them the most.

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