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Falobi Awardees (L-N)

This page has 2016 Falobi Awardees whose last name begins with L-N. Click for A-H and O-Z

Marc-Andre LeBlanc
Always smart, always thoughtful, always passionate and funny. He is an amazing colleague and a leader who really deserves some recognition for everything he has done, and undoubtedly, will do.

Maureen Luba Milambe
Maureen has advocated for the inclusion of girls and young women aged 18 to 21 to the National Institutes of Health in the United States — in a follow up study of the microbicide ring. She's also a tireless advocate for prevention programming in PEPFAR and the Global Fund.

Nandisile Luthuli
Nandi is able to engage with different community members globally understanding their differences and she knows when to stand firm as a woman and works tirelessly in the world of prevention research sacrificing her time and being everywhere without complaining.

Keletso Makofane
A passionate activist who applies his skills as a trained biostatistician to inform HIV programs so that they make the biggest impact possible on the people they serve. Keletso is a trained bio statistician who uses his skills to inform HIV programs so that they make the biggest impact possible on key populations. Keletso has personally contributed to the success of much research with MSM in South Africa and many other parts of the world.

Murtaza Majeed
Murtaza has worked tirelessly as the International Coordinator for Youth RISE to encourage harm reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention in the world.

Kay Marshall
Kay always helps drive home the reason why good communications is crucial to ending the epidemic.

Steven Martinez
He helped to strengthen my own organization's work in this space, and he also helped me to see how valuable and critical each of our contributions are to this work!

Chamunorwa Mashoko
Chamunorwa has been a key advocate for prevention and has pushed for access to prevention research for women and pushed of access to prevention services in his country through funding advocacy in the global fund and on PEPFAR.

TS Masimira
MASO one of the first CBO to respond to HIV in Zimbabwe and has led processes of formation of Zimbabwe AIDs Network, National Network Of People Living with HIV.

Margaret McCluskey
I knew her when she was a nurse working on HIV vaccine trials in Washington, DC. I have followed her and her passion for an HIV vaccine ever since.

Nyaradzo Mgodi
She's an exceptional advocate for women and has been involved in a lot of research towards finding effective options particularly for women such as the vaginal microbicide ring.

Tlaleng Mofokeng
Dr Tlaleng is my young colleague and she uses Social Media to educate the youth about HIV. Social media awareness of the event. Abortion provider appreciation.

Ellen Mubanga
She has a passion for HIV prevention especially research for girls and women as she believes female folks need a tool that works for them. She is my ally as a "prepster" and believes in PrEP as a useful tool.

John Mduli
He is a skilled community engager and passionate about the difference that research needs to make in the epidemic.

Emmanuel Mugisha
Emmanuel is the person who in 2004 taught me (and others) of the importance of our involvement as PLHIV, in HIV Prevention research. He interested and inducted many of us as peer leaders for the HIV vaccine program at the UVRI-IAVI program, and unpacked complex scientific and helped us understand them.

Jacinta Mulatya
Jacinta has advocated for couple and whole family HIV testing as the first step towards prevention, and through that I got to know my HIV+ status, hence early treatment.

John Mutsambi
He's broken barriers and opened doors that only he could have in a year. Even in the face of resistance from fellow advocates, he somehow manages to use his humble and yet strong persona to always find a way.

Asia Namusoke Mbajja
Asia gave up her comfortable job to start People In Need Agency (PINA) Uganda, an organization that supports children and youths living with HIV to cope with the challenges of growing up with HIV/AIDS. Asia didn’t have money to hire an office so she sacrificed her home where PINA Uganda has an office.

Rob Newells
He is motivated by a higher power reflected in his humility.

Leslie Nielsen
She is very passionate and an important link between us the CAB / community and the scientists.

Carolyne Njoroge
She found her voice and uses it to bring the issues of sex workers, gay men and others to policymakers, researchers and other powerbrokers. She's fierce.

Fanele Ntombela
She works passionately with little recognition. And she is smart about the community!

Bathabile Nyathi
A young sex-worker stood up in front of a room full of researchers and told her story. She talked honestly about taking PrEP and what it meant to her. Bravo! In that instant she changed that room, and us forever!

Albertina Nyatsi
She's one of the first people to publicly disclose her HIV status in Swaziland and has transformed a support group into a very successful organization for women living with HIV in the country, an HIV advocate locally and internationally.

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