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Falobi Awardees (O-Z)

This page has 2016 Falobi Awardees whose last name begins with O-Z. Click for A-H and L-N.

Bartholomew Ochonye
His passion for HIV prevention made him start an organisation that is a one-stop "shop" for HIV services in almost all their branches in Nigeria where key affected populations go for their ARVs.

George Bamidele Olusola
OLUSOLA, is a strong advocate for community engagement in HIV prevention, and has mentored young CSOs/CBOs to champion the campaign.

Edafe Okporo
He inspires me with BBC prevention campaign for grassroots. Also, he advocates for access to treatment for grassroots men who have sex with men.

Everlyne Ombati
She has dedicated herself to HIV prevention advocacy in Kenya targeting young women and key populations, particularly on issues of PrEP and multipurpose prevention options being adopted.

Ifeanyi K. Orazulike
Ifeanyi has always been in the fore front of fighting for the right to health of all persons living with HIV AIDS especially the SEXUAL MINORITIES and has been vocal about offering equal opportunity to medical attention irrespective of the sexual orientation.

Midnight Poonkasetwattana
Midnight inspires me through his energy, commitment, desire for collaboration and leadership for sexual health for men who have sex with men in the Asian Pacific region. His influence is spreading globally especially with his promotion of PrEP. He has increased the visibility of PrEP hugely.

Yvette Yasmeen Raphael
She is a loud rabble rouser, but what inspires me is that she has become more nuanced, professional and powerful in her approach — without losing her edge. She speaks truth to power. She lives each day to fulfill the lives of others. Together with other advocates, she was instrumental in getting the South African government to licence PrEP.

Bruce Richman
Bruce Richman has developed a strong campagn that helped that this information cannot be further witheld from those who need it first. Bruce inspires me with his Undetectable=Untransmittable” (U=U) initiative. Bruce has worked tirelessly and passionately, on a shoestring budget, to ensure that people all over the world hear this ground breaking message and receive accurate science around what it means to have an undetectable viral load when it comes to HIV prevention and stigma reduction.

Nina Russell
It's far more than just her job - she is passionate about, using her impressive intellect to lead the foundation's ongoing investments in HIV vaccine research.

Mary Sandasi
Best advocate to date who documented Voices and Choices. Campaigns on Female Condom and Menstrual Pads. Consistently an unsung hero.

Divya Selvakumar
She believes in me and assisted me with provision of resources I was finding it difficult to get at the time I needed it most.

Meena Seshu
She showed by example what research has conclusively proven — that investing in peer-led empowerment programming is by far the most effective approach to reducing HIV risk among sex workers.

Kathryn Stephenson
It is a joy to come and work for her everyday and she makes me believe the end of the AIDS epidemic is in sight.

Moses Supercharger
Moses is an artist and musician and uses his creativity to take HIV prevention and treatment information and translate it into song and performance as a way of educating his community. He creatively uses music, dance and drama to pass on strong HIV prevention messages.

Jessica Terlikowski
She is a indefatigable dynamo on a number of fronts - leading local, national and global female condom advocacy efforts often in the face of ennui and multiple competing issues.

Darwin Thompson
He fell in love with teaching other people how to protect themselves and later became the director of the largest African American gay men HIV and health organization in the US.

Cassie Warren
Cassie is a fierce social justice and health advocate. Her work in getting PrEP to young people in Chicago (mostly queer-identified and many who are homeless) has been so inspiring. Her willingness to meet people where they are at and to constantly advocate for their proverbial seat at the table (she herself is a young advocate, new-ish to the field) is a model for us all.

Mitchell Warren
His commitment to steering the HIV prevention conversation in the right direction.

Ntando Yola
The work that he has done on prevention research has been inspiring and he has education both advocate and community on the importance of research and inclusion of communities on research.

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