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Bridget Jjuuko Ndagaano

Naguru Teenage Center - 2018 Fellow

Bridget has over five years’ experience in adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights services delivery, psychosocial and behavioral support for children and youth, HIV/AIDS and key and priority population programming. She has worked as an advocacy officer at Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC), an initiative established by sex worker activists. She has volunteered at the Mulago Hospital Adolescent Clinic as a social worker and administrator as well as at Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre, Most at Risk Population Initiative, Baylor Uganda and more. She holds an honors degree in Social Work and Social Administration and a diploma in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Why I Want to Advocate for HIV Prevention in 2018
With the advent of more biomedical options addressing HIV/AIDS prevention strategies globally, a lot more needs to be done nationally to catalyze and maximize the effectiveness of already tested and proven options. Young people are denied the information and the freedom to make informed decisions about their sexual health with most lacking the knowledge required to demand services and protect themselves from HIV. More than ever, we need as many voices as possible at the forefront to advocate for those who don’t have voices or are not heard in Uganda.

AVAC Advocacy Fellows Project: Advocacy to Advance AGYW Involvement in Ethical and Equitable PrEP Implementation
Bridget’s work in Uganda focuses on adolescent girls and young women—where five percent of 20-24-year-old females are living with HIV. Her primary objective is to see PrEP integrated into sexual and reproductive health services as part of combination prevention for young people. Specifically, she is working with AGYW to build their knowledge and demand PrEP access, and she is working with SRHR advocates and coalitions to advocate for comprehensive HIV prevention in Uganda’s new Sexual Education Framework and monitoring its rollout in schools. Bridget is also building a model compendium of PrEP materials for AGYW for her organization to use and for others to adapt—including Uganda’s Ministry of Health communications strategy group.


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