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Lepheana Mosooane

Jhpiego - 2016 Fellow

Lepheana is a three-time award winning filmmaker and social activist who uses the power of film to address issues affecting young people, marginalized communities and individuals. He is also a HIV/AIDS peer educator. In 2012 he was a member of Youth Action Movement in Lesotho and in the same year he worked for Phela Health and Development Communications as a radio drama scriptwriter. In 2013-2014, he worked at Kick4Life as a filmmaker and activist. He has a bachelor’s degree in theatre and drama and a certificate in filmmaking. Lepheana was a VMMC client who voluntarily started advocating for VMMC through radio and print media and at public gatherings in 2014.

Why I want to advocate for HIV Prevention in 2016?
Lesotho has the second highest HIV prevalence in the world. As VMMC is a scientifically proven tool to combat HIV, Jhpiego is working with the Ministry of Health in Lesotho to circumcise 300,000 men by 2017. So, as an HIV educator and filmmaker, I can use the power of film to advocate for VMMC so as to effectively create demand and facilitate HIV education. The goal is to combat new HIV infections so that Lesotho, as a poor country, will no longer have to divert millions in funds and foreign aid into HIV/AIDS treatment.

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