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Maureen Milanga

AIDS Law Project (ALP) - 2013 Fellow

Maureen holds a Diploma in Law from Inooorero University. She is a “natural” advocate who started advocacy during her school days by helping women living with HIV who were affected during Kenya’s 2007 post-election violence. She later joined the AIDS Law Project to broaden her impact from the community to the national platform. At ALN, she has been part of efforts to fight harmful intellectual property policies that threaten access to ARV treatment. While at ALN, Maureen has worked with current AVAC Fellows to bring the recommendations of Kenyan PLHIV to life in a “PLHIV Manifesto” that demands bold action from the next government. She has worked with other organizations to ensure that PEPFAR’s ‘pipeline’ funds remain in Kenya and that the money is used to implement Option B+ for preventing mother to child transmission and assuring care for women.

Fellowship Focus: In her project, Maureen built on the work that the 2012 AVAC Advocacy Fellows in Kenya led around the PLHIV Manifesto. She worked with partners to ensure that the recommendations gathered from PLHIV from across Kenya that formed the Manifesto are adopted by political parties and leaders seeking office in the upcoming national elections. From March and through May 2013, she led other advocates to be visible at campaign rallies pushing parties. Post-election, they focused on getting the Manifesto implemented and incorporating its recommendations in upcoming policy documents such as KNASP IV, PEPFAR COP and GFATM applications. The main focus of her work was to monitor Option B+ rollout, campaign to update ART guidelines to come closer to ‘treatment on demand,’ and push for better VLs or CLs for newer ARVs.

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