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Simon K'Ondiek

Nyanza Reproductive Health Society (NRHS) - 2011 Fellow

Simon is the Coordinator of HIV/AIDS Research & Advocacy Programme, an organization that engages communities with HIV prevention research. He is an HIV prevention research advocate with vast experience in the mobilization of communities to engage effectively with HIV prevention research and educating these communities on clinical trials around them. Simon has coordinated the activities of Vaccine Support Network-Nyanza, a network of organizations that, for 5 years, supported research towards the development a safe and effective AIDS vaccine. He has extensive experience in capacity and skills building of communities through working with local NGOs, CBOs and FBOs.

In his Fellowship project, Simon designed a photography documentary to address knowledge, attitudes, communication and behavioral intentions of young men and women with respect to voluntary medical male circumcision rollout in Nyanza Province. The documentary brought to life such issues as access and acceptability, risk compensation and monitored the potential effects, risks, and benefits of MC for men and women, in addition to enhancing the voices of the characters in it. The photography documentary made use of photo sets systematically arranged with a narrative in the form of notes or descriptions on the photo sets to tell a story. In developing this photo novella, Simon worked with community members to take photos and conduct interviews. He built an advocacy task force to work within Nyanza to monitor the rollout of male circumcision in Nyanza district.

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