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Taiwo Oyelakin

Positive Action for Treatment Access (PATA) - 2013 Fellow

Taiwo held a BS in Economics and Statistics from the University of Ibadan. For 12 years, he had been an advocate for the rights of young people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS with a special focus on the rights and dignity of those who are most marginalized. He provided technical support to the formation of the first network of young people living with HIV (YPLHIV network in Nigeria, APYIN). He also helped the founding of Youths and Adolescents Network on Population and Development in Africa (AFRIYAN), and recently, the Network of Young People Living with HIV in Africa (AY+N). Taiwo was elected as the Co-chair of the Global Network of people living with HIV Y+ Leadership Initiative. He provided direction and support to the strengthening of policies and programs aimed at young people living with HIV through greater and more meaningful participation of YPLHIV in networks of people living with HIV at all levels and youth led initiatives.

Fellowship Focus: In his Fellowship, Taiwo focused on optimizing the benefits of ARVs for both treatment and prevention, especially for young people in Nigeria. He wanted to ensure that treatment is available, accessible and affordable to all that need it in Nigeria, while at the same time ensuring that its prevention benefits are optimized. Taiwo focused on ensuring that Option B+ is rolled out in Nigeria. He wanted to ensure that global TasP plans will support and recognize individual human rights of PLHIV, including mothers considering Option B+. He also wanted to start conversations with key stakeholders about the roll out of Truvada as PrEP in Nigeria.

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