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Dream Program - 2015 Fellow
“Malawi needs advocacy to address women and sex workers’ access to burgeoning biomedical prevention like microbicides.”
Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation-Pangaea Zimbabwe AID Trust (PZAT) - 2015 Fellow
“My motivation is driven by the possibility that we can end AIDS by 2030 and that women all over the world can have prevention tools within their control as currently they are sitting ducks for infection due to biological, social and cultural reasons.”
TB/HIV Care Association - 2015 Fellow
South Africa
“There’s a need in South Africa for PrEP awareness among individuals and institutions with decision-making authority, and particularly for key populations.”
Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development (HEPS) - 2015 Fellow
“Uganda is one of the few countries with high rates of new HIV infections not on the decline. To reverse this trend, the country should implement treatment as prevention with viral load monitoring as a requisite tool.”
Kenya Sex Worker Alliance (KESWA) - 2015 Fellow
“Laws that criminalize sex work in Kenya and all over the world make sex workers vulnerable to new HIV infections. PrEP and microbicide could help empower them to protect themselves from HIV in these climates of hardship.”
Centre Stage Media Arts Foundation - 2015 Fellow
“Zimbabwe needs regulatory approval, demonstration projects to show how best to implement PrEP and the prioritization of PrEP as an HIV prevention option for key populations.”

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