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Graphics from Advocacy in Uncertain Times

Financing the Search: Then and now

Funding for HIV vaccine research in 1997 and 2016, segmented by government and other sector spending.
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Number of HIV Vaccine Trials: Then and now

A snapshot of the number of vaccine trials conducted globally between 1997 and 2017.
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HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trials: A surge of activity

Three vaccine and related trials have launched, with a fourth planned in the next year, signaling an acceleration in the vaccine field.
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Vaccine Approaches in Early-Phase Development

An outline of various approaches to vaccine development that are in earlier phase research, e.g., phase I or II trials; development pathways for these candidates are uncertain at this time.
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Vaccines and Antibodies on Efficacy Pathways

A timeline of current efficacy programs for vaccines and antibodies, highlighting the P5 program testing pox-protein candidates, the Janssen program testing mosaic-based candidates, and the AMP studies testing the antibody VRC01.
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HIV-Specific Neutralizing Antibodies: A guide to targets and candidates

A detailed graphic describing the status of pre-clinical and clinical work around relevant bNAbs today.
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Where Does Oral PrEP Fit in to Vaccine and AMP Trials?

A global map showing current efficacy trial countries and their status of PrEP implementation.
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