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HVAD 2018 - What Advocates Are Doing

HVAD header

On May 18 each year, the world marks HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD) to raise public awareness on and build support for the global research into an HIV vaccine. HVAD also recognizes and celebrates the funders, researchers, advocates and communities who make the work possible.

This year (2018), advocates across the globe marked the Day with events ranging from dance performances to street processions, media cafes to pop up photo booths. Examples include:


  • IAVI used media engagement to create awareness on HIV Vaccine and prevention research, progress and impact of activities being conducted in partnership with Clinical Research Centers and other national and international research institutions.


  • HVAD marching band street procession and community event involving KAVI-ICR, IAVI, AVAC and the local community in Kangemi, one of KAVI’s oldest clinical trial sites. 18 May, Nairobi.

    photo of marching band
  • Science Media Café hosted by AVAC media partner MESHA, with IAVI and WACI Health. 15 May, Nairobi.

    Photo of those assembled for the media cafe


  • Community outreach programme in Ogba and Agege areas of Lagos State, by NHVMAS’s LeNNiB Champions program.

South Africa

  • The Vaccine Advocacy Research Group (the VARG) partnered with Ubuntu Research Foundation (URF), a community initiative with an interest in mobilizing key stakeholders and advance health research in the Eastern Cape province.


  • HVAD marked alongside the celebration of 25 years of the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (AFRIMS). VARG member Udom Likhitwonnawut spoke at the event, together with AFRIMS leadership and community representatives.

    Thailand HVAD Event


  • High-level dialogue on HIV vaccine research with the Vaccine Interest Group (VIG) and parliamentarians.
  • High-level dialogue with Parliamentarians and other stakeholders in research, academia and advocates on how to improve domestic funding to health research.
  • VARG member Hilary Bainemigisha convened a media breakfast to raise awareness on HIV vaccine research. The meeting saw robust discussions between media owners and editors from the leading media houses, with researchers and advocates.

United States

  • HVAD Pop-Up Photo Station — University of Pennsylvania Clinical Trials Unit.
  • HIV Vaccines: Myths and facts — Brigham and Women's Hospital Poster.