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Webinar & Meeting Reports

  • September 23, 2014
    Slides, audio and a Flash animation are available.
  • September 17, 2014

    AIDS 2014 brought more updates on voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) including new data on risk behaviors in circumcised men, the impact of cash transfers as part of VMMC programming and more. Kenyan researcher and implementer Kawango Agot reviewed the latest findings.

  • September 3, 2014

    The field of cure research is evolving and expanding, with various proposed trials that require informed engagement from many stakeholders. Plenary speaker, Jintanat Ananworanich, provides an update, discusses research, and answers questions.

  • August 14, 2014

    The Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI) Research and Development Alliance Coordinating Office (ACO) invites you to join us for a webinar entitled “Do we need a new paradigm for HIV vaccine development?” with Dr. José Esparza who will give participants a greater understanding of some of the lessons learned after 30 years of HIV vaccine development.

  • July 20, 2014 to July 25, 2014

    The International AIDS Conference, or AIDS 2014, is a biennial gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the pandemic.

  • July 17, 2014

    Rectal microbicide development has made strides in recent years, but, as with vaginal microbicides, adherence remains a concern for product developers.

    There are two "P" words we have always loved - pleasure and prevention.

  • July 1, 2014

    This webinar provided an overview of the AVAC Advocacy Fellowship and the 2015 application process for aspiring candidates. The Fellowship team at AVAC was joined by current and alumni Fellows to answer questions and discuss their experiences. For more information, visit the Fellowship application page.

  • June 30, 2014

    The US Women & PrEP Working Group, SisterLove and AVAC hosted a webinar marking the two-year anniversary of the FDA licensing of Truvada as PrEP in the US. 

  • June 4, 2014

    Why should you care if sexual lubricants are safe or not? What do we know, and what do we need to know? What’s happening to move the issue of lube safety forward? What’s not happening? Join IRMA and AVAC and our expert guests who will provide an exciting update on the latest in lubricant safety and help us answer these important questions.

  • May 20, 2014

    On May 14, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the US Public Health Service released new clinical guidelines on using daily oral TDF/FTC (also known as Truvada) as PrEP for HIV prevention. This type of guideline is used by the US government to set national norms for health providers. It is the first such national guideline issued anywhere for PrEP use. Representatives from the CDC provided an overview of the guidelines and answer questions about their content and implications. This was followed by a moderated discussion.