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PEPFAR Implementation Science and Evaluation Research Activities

The US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has contributed to the rapid acceleration of HIV treatment access, availability of care and support services, and HIV prevention interventions. As PEPFAR implements scientific advances on a large scale through its programs, it has shifted towards an Implementation Science model, a scientific framework to guide program implementation and scale-up that focuses on effectiveness and efficiency in order to build the evidence base necessary to inform the best approaches to achieve sustainable prevention, care and treatment programs.

For country-driven study evaluations, PEPFAR has also implemented an Impact Evaluation mechanism to strengthen the evidence-base for interventions funded within their Country Operating Plans. This work is intended to broaden the scope of high-quality evaluations of PEPFAR-funded programs to ensure the dissemination and use of evidence in decision-making and the adoption of best practices across PEPFAR programs.

Studies Planned, Underway and Previously Undertaken

Click to download a table of all PEPFAR funded implementation science and evaluation research activities planned, currently underway and previously undertaken by PEPFAR (2009-present).

This table includes some information on various implementation science and evaluation projects such as: country location; description; agency funding evaluation; evaluator; study type; study technical area; target population, intervention; outcome of interest; total evaluation cost; evaluation start date and evaluation questions.

PEPFAR Funded Publications

The US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has an ongoing commitment to science-based programming, and aims to share findings with the scientific community. Many of PEPFAR’s programs have provided unique opportunities for innovative implementation science research and have been sourced and peer-reviewed in academic and professional journals around the world. Given PEPFAR’s focus on increasing the evidence base and sharing knowledge, this site will act as a repository for links to PEPFAR related journal articles focusing on implementation science sorted by year of publication.

NOTE: The following articles have PEPFAR attribution, for more information about PEPFAR’s attribution policy please click here.

AVAC is in the process of creating a searchable database of implementation studies and publications focused on implementation science. This is a temporary page which will act as a repository for links to all PEPFAR related implementation science and evaluation research activities and publications citing PEPFAR funding until the searchable data is online.