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Human-Centered Design and Prevention in the Real World

October 21, 2019

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The struggle to bring HIV prevention to adolescent girls and young women is a central concern to anyone thinking about turning around the global epidemic.

The latest figures from UNAIDS show the pressing need to reach young women. But the challenge is daunting—stigma, gender-based violence and other forms of inequality persist as serious barriers to prevention.

To overcome these barriers, AVAC and CHAI’s Prevention Market Manager is exploring new strategies for understanding the needs of adolescent girls and young women through an approach known as human-centered design, or HCD.

In this episode of Px Pulse, we hear from AVACer Anabel Gomez about the HCD project she’s leading with partners in South Africa to chart a path that will better support a journey to HIV prevention. The research project known as Breaking the Cycle of Transmission involved extensive discussions with hundreds of girls and young women. We also hear from two members of the research team—Lesego Taule and Mpumi Mbethe—who helped lead these discussions in communities where HIV is epidemic.

And a program implementer for HIV prevention in South Africa, Anthony Ambrose of NACOSA, tells us how this research can be applied to programs and how it changed the way he thinks about HIV risk.




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