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Stakeholder Community of Practice

The Stakeholder Engagement Community of Practice (CoP) is a capacity-building network for implementers of GPP and other activities focused on stakeholder engagement in research. Members share practices, engage important issues, discuss current challenges and generate solutions to issues across the HIV prevention research and other related biomedical fields. The CoP also provides a mechanism to link these individuals with broader research stakeholders such as national civil society groups and policy makers.

The term community of practice refers to a group of people connected by a common drive and skill set. The CoP originated as the Community Involvement Community of Practice hosted by the Global Campaign for Microbicides. Membership is by invitation. If you would like more information, email us here.

CoP members participate in:

  • Regular teleconferences and webinars allows CoP members to share strategies and challenges around emerging issues
  • In-person trainings and meetings to increase capacity around geographically specific content and other key factors related to GPP implementation
  • A web-based platform for resource sharing and regular communication