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Promote Effective HIV Prevention Policy

Priorities and budgets define the ambition of the HIV response

The environment that shapes policy for HIV research and implementation is informed by national budgets, research agendas, the priorities of major donors and the needs of those implementing HIV programs and trials. At AVAC, we know that scientific progress has been the key to slowing the epidemic and more research is needed to bring it to an end.

Advocating for the right policies with the right budgets, AVAC advances:
  • Continual engagement with the US government, the prime funder of HIV prevention research
  • Well-funded prevention research in Europe and Africa
  • Initiatives to ensure that PEPFAR, GFATM and governments use and share good data
  • Implementation research to close the gaps in treatment and prevention
  • The progress of new interventions through the regulatory approval process
We bring these policy objectives to life through membership in strong coalitions, including:
  • Global Aid Policy Partnership (GAPP) – The GAPP is a DC-based coalition of advocacy and implementing organizations committed to ending AIDS as a global public health threat by expanding and improving global HIV and AIDS programming.
  • Federal AIDS Policy Partnership (FAPP) – The FAPP is a coalition of local, regional and national organizations advocating for progressive federal HIV/AIDS legislation and policy in the US.
  • FAPP Research Working Group (RWG) subcommittee – The RWG is an affiliated working group of FAPP members that works to advance the HIV research agenda by educating policy makers, identifying gaps in HIV research, and increasing federal funding through advocacy and coalition building.
  • PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board – AVAC's Executive Director is a member of the PEPFAR SAB, a group that serves the Global AIDS Coordinator in an advisory capacity concerning scientific, implementation and policy issues related to the global response to HIV/AIDS.

In support of these priorities, AVAC’s annual report, HIV Prevention Research and Development Investments, focused on prevention & cure research, tracks global investment.

Investment in HIV prevention research & development