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Alice Kayongo

International HIV/AIDS Alliance Uganda - 2012 Fellow

Alice holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master of public health degree from Makerere University. She is an activist and an active participant in the health, women’s and children’s rights civil society movement and development sector in Uganda, Africa and internationally. Over the years, she has mainly focused on issues to address health, women and child rights. She is part of many successful networks of civil society including grassroots social movements in Uganda such as Tusitukirewamu women’s group; OVC committee-Kawempe caring support center; Uganda human resources for health working group.

Internationally, she’s part of solidarity movements for marginalized groups like health global access project in the USA. At the time she was awarded the Fellowship, she was finalizing a campaign on ‘What’s preventing prevention of HIV/AIDS in Uganda’. Her research interests are in outcomes of advocacy and policy engagement, social movement building and exploring the impetus for community mobilization and engagement in decision-making.

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