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Anna Miti

Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation-Pangaea Zimbabwe AID Trust (PZAT) - 2015 Fellow

Anna has been a broadcast journalist for the past ten years covering most of the beats in the newsroom including current affairs and politics, arts, gender and even sports for a period. She is the Vice Chairperson of the Health Journalists of Zimbabwe, a member of the Federation of African Media Women in Zimbabwe and she is a member of the Editor's Forum on HIV/AIDS. Anna is also a part-time news anchor on the national television station ZTV.

Prevention Gaps and Needs — My view for 2015

I am excited to be part of 2015 advocacy as Zimbabwe embarks on a Phase I AIDS vaccine trial in April as part of the P5 Correlates Program in Southern Africa. The country also hosts the ASPIRE microbicide ring trial, which will be winding down end of this year. I am excited to be part of the advocacy so that the country is ready and aware of the trials as they go through the various stages. My motivation has been driven by the possibility that we can end AIDS by 2030 and that women all over the world can have prevention tools within their control as currently they are sitting ducks for infection due to biological, social and cultural reasons.

My Work as a Fellow

  • Blog: Anna started a blog to directly engage young women and those who develop and deliver programming for them to help raise issues of HIV prevention and young women, and to help find solutions to them.
  • Blog post: In this HIV Vaccine Awareness Day piece, Anna challenges readers to join the search for an effective AIDS vaccine – to compliment the existing tools to help realize the end of AIDS.
  • Fellowship summary report: “My Fellowship Year” is a report on Anna Miti’s advocacy for HIV prevention options for for young women and girls in Zimbabwe. It highlights her efforts on awareness-raising, demand creation, media engagement, and inclusion of young women and girls in research and rollout of interventions such as PrEP and microbicides.

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