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Brian Kanyemba

Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) - 2011 Fellow

Brian is a native Zimbabwean, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. Brian's passion for HIV prevention, education, and advocacy began years ago as he witnessed first hand the devastating effects HIV was having on his friends, family, and community. He holds an honors degree in Psychology and after serving ten years in the Zimbabwe National Army, committed his career to working with vulnerable populations, particularly men who have sex with men (MSM). Brian's previous advocacy experience has been directed toward obtaining better access to HIV education and prevention tools for the communities that need them the most. He brings this experience to his current work at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation where he serves as a research assistant for the Men's health division. In this position, Brian works daily with participants on the Global iPrEx study and has used this opportunity to refine his perspectives and opinions on new HIV biomedical prevention options.

Brian’s Advocacy Fellowship project focused on creating an understanding and brought attention to under-represented voices of the MSM community around HIV prevention research. He brought to the forefront of their ideas, opinions, concerns, current understanding and knowledge in the use of PrEP as an HIV prevention intervention. He worked with service providers, community leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders to encourage them to involve MSM in future prevention programming and to increase their overall focus and inclusion of this vulnerable community in their work, research and/or services. By collecting these perspectives and engaging with different groups, and specifically the policymakers, Brian allowed for mainstreaming guidelines, national policies and laws to better reflect the opinions raised by the previous MSM community discussions.

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