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Cleopatra Sheilla Makura

Students and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) - 2019 Fellow

Cleopatra Sheilla Makura is a youth advocate who has volunteered at SAYWHAT for the past three years as a peer educator providing information, counselling and referrals to peers in tertiary institutions. She also served as the SAYWHAT National Coordinating Chairperson, engaging parliamentarians and other key stakeholders for students’ sexual and reproductive health and rights. Additionally, Cleopatra served as a PrEP champion advocating for its acceptance in communities. She strongly believes in meaningful engagement and participation of young people in tertiary institutions to bring out positive change including the prevention of new HIV infections and ending AIDS. Cleopatra attained her degree in psychology in 2018 at the University of Zimbabwe.

Why I Want to Advocate for HIV Prevention in 2019
There are tools to prevent HIV such as PrEP and more are potentially on the horizon, like the ring. This gives me more power to advocate for HIV prevention. I want to influence my government to strengthen health service provision for HIV prevention, especially among young people. Together we can have an HIV-free generation. It is about empowering individuals and communities to ensure inclusive policies are put in place to end the pandemic. It all begins with raising awareness of the available options, adequate knowledge on how they work and the flexibility to adopt them without leaving behind those at highest risk.

My Work as a Fellow