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Deloune Matongo

GALZ - 2018 Fellow

Deloune is a public health programmer, researcher and SRHR youth advocate, who recently served as the Assistant National Youth, VMMC and Condom Coordinator under the National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe. During the same period, he was Secretariat to the National Young People’s Network on SRH, HIV and AIDS, a consortium of all the youth-serving organizations in the national response to HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe. Deloune has been an Executive Committee member of the Health Promotion Association of Zimbabwe (HEPAZ) since 2015 and a member of the National ASRH Coordination Forum of the Ministry of Health and Child Care. In 2017, he published two public health research papers.

Why I Want to Advocate for HIV Prevention in 2018
Despite tremendous progress scaling up AIDS treatment, care, and prevention services over the past decade, the epidemic among LGBT people, especially among MSM and transgender individuals continues to grow in Zimbabwe. This is largely due to discriminatory policies that result in a fragmented response to HIV. Closing the tap of new HIV infections requires comprehensive and inclusive programming—leaving no one behind. For as long as HIV programing is not sufficiently inclusive of LGBT SRH needs, the consequential HIV transmissions will continue to compromise efforts in global HIV prevention.

Fellows Project: Increased PrEP Uptake and Supportive Environment for HIV Prevention Programming for LGBTI people
Deloune’s project explicitly aims to create a supportive environment for HIV prevention programming for LGBT populations in addition to increased PrEP uptake for gay men and transwomen beyond the current six sites nationwide in Zimbabwe. Currently, adult HIV prevalence hovers at 14 percent but for gay men it’s 31 percent and unknown for transwomen. Deloune’s work includes the development of national tools to facilitate KP-friendly public health services; advocacy for the implementation of a size estimation study on LGBTI people (MSM bio-behavioral survey) and co-development of a National HIV Prevention Strategy for Key Populations in collaboration with the National AIDS Council.


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