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Esnart Sikazindu

Community Based TB/HIV/AIDS Organisation

Esnart Sikazindu holds a Diploma in Clinical Counseling and a Certificate in Psychosocial Counseling. She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at Harvest University. In 2016, she worked for Serenity Harm Reduction Program as a mental health therapist for individuals struggling with substance abuse disorder. In 2017, Esnart worked with Catholic Medical Mission Board on the Dreams initiative as a Dreams Connector. She also worked for The Zambia Community HIV Prevention Project as a peer educator providing counseling and referral services.

Why I want to work on HIV prevention advocacy in 2020

I am interested in working in HIV prevention advocacy because I recognize the ways in which HIV disproportionately affects adolescent and young women in my community. Although PrEP is available in public health facilities, most of my peers face tremendous challenges accessing prevention services and technologies. I aim to respond to the unique needs of AGYW by informing national PrEP targets, promoting the integration of SRH and HIV services, and combatting stigma amongst youth. As a young woman at high risk for developing HIV, I am committed to being part of the solution.


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