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Esnart Sikazindu

Community Based TB/HIV/AIDS Organisation

Esnart Sikazindu is a clinical psychosocial counselor specializing in harm reduction. She has worked for several programs, including DREAMS in Zambia.

Fellowship Focus
As a Fellow, Esnart is advocating for community-centered PrEP delivery. Specifically, she is targeting the National AIDS Council to expand PrEP access to more community-based settings and away from exclusive ARV clinics, while also pushing PEPFAR to fund such expansion. As a member of the National Prevention Technical Working Group, she is working with communities to monitor PrEP’s rollout and channel these findings to the Ministry of Health. Esnart is also tracking ongoing HIV vaccine research in Zambia as well as monitoring and responding to the latest developments in COVID-19 in Zambia.

In Their Own Words
Clearly, HIV vaccine research is not an easy or fast road. It requires political will, scientific know-how and engaged communities such as adolescent girls and young women, people who inject drugs and young men who have sex with men... An effective vaccine will change the narrative of HIV in Zambia and globally.



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