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Godfrey Ochieng Okumu

Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) - 2016 Fellow

Godfrey is a social change advocate with over 14 years of experience in Kenya and Zambia. At IRDO Godfrey was actively involved in the rollout of voluntary male medical circumcision (VMMC) from the onset, playing a key role in the negotiation of buy-in from the custodians of local culture and overseeing demand creation. Godfrey previously worked for US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Kenya Medical Research Institute on a youth program, where he was part of the team adapting evidence-based interventions for health. He holds a diploma in Community Development and Project Management from Premise African Development Institute and an advanced diploma in Creative Arts and Theatre Production at the Bagamoyo School of Creative Artists.

Why I want to advocate for HIV prevention in 2016?
Kenya continues to outpace other African countries in the progress towards circumcising 80 percent of adult men. As a long-standing VMMC advocate, I believe that now is the time for Kenya to start taking concrete steps to ensure the current gains are not lost should donor funding end and implementing partners recede. As per other health services, the ministry of health is the natural home for VMMC, yet external partners continue to provide 100 percent of the services. There is urgent need for advocacy to hold the Ministry of Health and county governments accountable. My role will be to jumpstart the integration process.

Godfrey's Advocacy

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