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Josephine Chinele

Pakachere Institute for Health and Development Communication (IHDC) - 2019 Fellow

Josephine is multi-award winning journalist. She has been in the profession for 13 years and has done numerous health journalism fellowships, specializing in HIV/AIDS, general health and human rights. Josephine has also traveled extensively in pursuit of various journalism trainings and fellowships. Notably in 2018, she was selected to train in HIV science reporting and covered the International AIDS Conference held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Why I Want to Advocate for HIV Prevention in 2019
My advocacy started from my investigative reporting and advocacy feature article writing. These often exposed key policy issues like the need for young women to access PrEP. In 2019, my goal is to influence the Malawi government to consider adolescent girls and young women as a priority population for PrEP rollout. PrEP as an HIV prevention tool offers an option that would put the power in the hands of women to reduce their risk of HIV. In Malawi, gender-based violence and intimate partner violence also affects decision making around sex, therefore PrEP could be a great option to empower young women.

My Work as a Fellow

  • Do Common Contraceptives Increase Exposure to HIV? - The Nation

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