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Mandisa Dukashe

Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute

Mandisa Dukashe is a nurse specializing in clinical management of HIV and is herself HIV positive, living in a serodiscordant relationship. She is founder of the HIV Survivors and Partners Network.

As a Fellow, Mandisa is advocating for improved community access to HIV prevention and strengthened linkages to care for those testing positive, with a focus on those in serodiscordant relationships. Specifically, she is advocating for training of health care workers to include PrEP provision for HIV-negative partners. She’s initiating a U=U communications campaign for women living with HIV. And, lastly, Mandisa is following COVID-19 research in South Africa to ensure communities are informed and actively engaged in research.

In Their Own Words
I want to use this fellowship opportunity to advocate for assisted partner notification, treatment and index testing as essential components of HIV/AIDS prevention in South Africa. My personal experience living with HIV offers me a unique perspective as a prevention advocate and allows me to contextualize the role of treatment in the broader HIV prevention landscape.


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