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Maureen Luba

Dream Program - 2015 Fellow

Maureen works with the Community of Saint Egidio, Dream Program as a program manager for HIV treatment and adherence programs. She has been working in the field of HIV for over five years on a range of projects including prevention, positive living, HIV treatment, care and support, behavior change, HIV and human rights, HIV and nutrition integration, economic empowerment of PLHIV and sexual reproductive health and rights for PLHIV. Maureen holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from University of Malawi.

Prevention Gaps and Needs — My view for 2015
In Malawi, data show that HIV disproportionately affects women below 35 years of age due to gender inequalities and subsequent low socio-economic status. HIV prevalence and incidence rates are higher among women and female sex workers. Only 29 percent of women between 15-49 years report consistent condom use. The female condom is currently their only woman-initiated option and is rarely available or affordable. Current laws prohibiting sex work also hinder attempts at HIV prevention scale-up. Malawi needs advocacy to address women and sex workers’ access to burgeoning biomedical prevention like microbicides.

My Work as a Fellow

  • Letter to the editor on male circumcision: This is a letter that the Fellow wrote to the editor of Malawi24 in response to a misleading article on male circumcision and HIV risk.
  • Early treatment as a right: This document makes the case for early treatment of all persons who test HIV positive in Malawi. Maureen Luba, in partnership with a number of Malawian civil society advocates argue that... “The new science creates a new standard and makes access to immediate HIV treatment a core.”
  • The promise of microbicides in future HIV prevention: This is a policy brief that defines and articulates the need for need for effective interventions that women can control and use, particularly microbicides.
  • Video: This is a 15-minute documentary of Maureen Luba’s journey throughout the Fellowship. It highlights the engagements and conversations she had, the opportunities she had, the challenges she faced, how she overcame them and so much more.
  • Fellowship summary report: “Advocacy for more prevention options for young women and girls” is a report on Maureen Luba’s advocacy to ensure that HIV prevention for young women and girls in Malawi is prioritized and that they are involved and engaged in the processes of developing and rolling out current and future interventions for them.

Poster - Advocacy for More HIV Prevention Options for Women in Malawi

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